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We firmly believe that every skier and snowboarder should own a pair of custom footbeds or orthotics.

Allowing the foot to directly transfer the skier/snowboarders power to their equipment for many can produce better control and comfort. Footbeds and orthotics are a crucial component to reducing the amount of knee-angulation required to initiate turns and maintain the foots natural shock absorber, the arch. Without this support many are not able to find proper form and balance.

Semi-Weight Bearing (Instaprint)

In an attempt to avoid some of the problems of weight-bearing casting systems, Instaprint has created what is simply the most conforming, durable insole blanks on the market. Instaprint's CustomForm insoles are made from medical grade low temperature thermoplastic. Their generous last allows technicians to cast a very accuarte mold of the clients foot with deep, stablizing heel cups. All Instaprint's blanks are laminated with durable EVA top covers they won't wear out like lower quality thermoplastic blanks.

The CustomForm Wintersport inserts have a micro-perforated top cover to prevent bubbling and are impregnated with silicone for easy entry and exit. This is our premium mid-stance sports orthotic and is second to none in price and performance.


The semi-weight bearing protocols mean that the casting is done in a seated position, allowing the technician to easily position the foot into a neutral alignment. The customer is seated with hips, knees and ankles at 90-degree angles and the foot placed neutrally into the casting chambers which are filled with a pliable BioGel. The foot then naturally sinks into the casting chamber and provides an acutely accurate imprint of the foots plantar (sole) surface. In some cases the technician will hand manipulate the gel to achieve the best result. The blanks are then heated and placed into the casting chambers and then the clients foot is placed on the heated blanks and the blanks allowed to cool for 2-3 minutes.

Posting, Grinding and Finishing

When the blanks have cooled a sufficient amount the technician will choose an appropriate posting material to help stablize the foot and promote neutral mechanics. Many products are not posted and are just a mold of the foot. We are not fans of un-posted insoles as they do not help stablize the foot, rather only fill the spaces beneath the foot. Our fitters will be able to explain their posting materials and the reasons that they have used them. In brief; red posting is more substantial and is used when a firmer support is required and blue is for the majority of others. Once the posting materials have been chosen the technician will grind the orthotic into a neutral stance and ask you to stand on them to check that they feel natural.