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Anyone thinking of buying a new pair of boots should visit Outdoor Traders to experience a service which is second to none John Tennent

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  • Mike Sheil

    Just a word about the Altberg boots I bought from you,

    Last year I wore them on several long days with the temperature at 22c. + and I had no real problem with heat / sweat etc. I have just done three weeks in the Vosges where the temperature was never above -5c. and actually had one day when the temperature with wind chill was -25c. Now I cannot claim that my feet were always the warmest but they were never really uncomfortable and I never bothered to wear the silk inners which I have so I think that those boots are pretty amazing to be able to cover a 45c temperature range without real discomfort. From my experience wearing Goretex under much the same conditions I would say that the Altbergs are better as they do not absorb any moisture and they certainly don't smell!

    One slight caveat: they chew laces. When I collected the boots from you a few weeks ago you put in new laces and after 20 days of use they are already very frayed so I think they should look at their eyelets as it is numbers 3 & 4 counting from the toe where the problem is occurring.

  • Mike Sullivan

    You fitted me with new boots on 27/1. Just back from our first full down out in them and they have been comfortable with none of the previous pain. I am now looking forward to future expeditions!

    Thanks very much for your help.

  • Tim Jackson

    This is the first time in a fair few years where I've had NO pain in my feet after a week of skiing.

    The boots were amazing, felt so different, the last 2 weeks we had a lot of icy slopes but this is the first time that I can say it didn't bother me, felt totally in control. I use to spend the majority of my time with my Salomon boots undone on the lifts; or off in the cafe, the only thing I did this time was tweak and tighten as the day went on.

    So once again thanks, I have only one regret, I wish I had known about Daleboot 10 years ago!

  • Peter Mitchell

    Daleboot may prove to be the best boot I've encountered in 40+ years of skiing, and more than a few pairs of boots that I've owned.

    From day 1 fit and comfort were excellent, and as they bedded in over a couple of days this improved. The boot takes a day or so to get used to - the good lateral stiffness does affect (positively) how you ski and this takes a little time to adjust to. But by the end of Day 2 I was skiing better - I was able to get more edge more quickly (very helpful on the hard pack I was mostly skiing on!)

    Experimenting with the flex adjustment is worthwhile. I fine tuned this to suit me better (slightly softer flex) - and the boot improved again!

    The boots were also warm; I was skiing in mostly low temperatures (-10c to -15c), but my feet remained warm throughout. Subject to a little more skiing in these boots I may have to concede that the Daleboot is better than the Raichle Flexon I've trusted over many years. This is skiing heresy to anyone who knows how good the Flexon boot was - but I think the torch has passed, Daleboot takes you to a new level!

  • John Tennent

    I just want to write and thank Chris Potter for all his help, advice and the really first class customer service I recieved when I visited your shop last weekend for a foot measuring and boot fitting session. I am really pleased with the Altberg walking boots and am currently breaking them in gently. Anyone thinking of buying a new pair of boots should visit Outdoor Traders to experience a service which is second to none. Thanks again Chris.

  • Michael Cousins

    If any of you love skiing as much as I do, and want an expert to advise on boots and skis, then I can't reccomend James too strongly. Based on my simple descriptions of my turns etc he was able to provide custom boots and skis that transformed my last holiday.

    I was getting 100% delivery, every twitch of a toe communicated perfectly to the ski! Brilliant stuff. And I have nothing but good things to say about the service and friendliness of the whole team at Outdoor Traders. James is a real expert in this area and I would travel a long way to benefit from his insights.

  • JHeseltine

    Outdoor Traders offer a truly first class ski boot fitting service. I bought a pair of Salomon Impact 10 CS boots in time for my skiing holiday in Courchevel (February). James (master ski boot fitter) offered me a slot on Saturday afternoon at very short notice. I found the Outdoors Traders team very professional, friendly and courteous. Highly recommneded!

  • JamesD

    If you're looking for high end outdoor gear then this is the place to go. All the staff are highly knowledgeable, helpful and extremely friendly.

    The shop is a Patagonia Pro Store, and probably carries the largest stock of Patagonia clothing of any independent shop in the country. The clothing isn't cheap, but you get what you pay for - quality, high value clothing designed by people that really know the outdoors environment, and manufactured by a company with the highest ethical standards.

    James, the shop's owner is also an expert boot fitter, providing a custom fit service. They stock and supply a wide range of foot wear from trail shoes and hiking boots to ski and ice climbing boots.

    They also have a range of climbing equipment: ropes, hardware, shoes and harnesses, and a variety of outdoor and camping essentials and gadgets.

  • Nick

    A great place to buy your quality/premuim outdoor kit. If they don't have your required piece of kit, they will happily find an alternative or order an item in for you. A very pleasant shopping experience, with some great advice (rather than sales talk).

    You don't need to be an adrenaline junky to shop there.

  • Judith

    This is the best place to go to if you’re looking for high quality hiking gear. You can trust everything you by from this shop - just ask for a bit of advice. The shop staff are highly knowledgeable and helpful but you’ll be lost for awhile first in the treasure trove of hiking and climbing gear.

    Absolutely fantastic and worth every minute you spend in this shop.