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Instaprint is a semi weight bearing system of orthotics, which was specifically developed to avoid some of the pitfalls of full weight-bearing systems (commonly used in the UK and Europe). Semi-weight-bearing casting protocols incorporate a seated position to take enough weight off the feet for neutral positioning to be managed more easily, without necessitating the constant care and attention required for non-weight bearing systems.

We've found that this system produces some unbelievably good casts and functions easily for both higher arches and very flat feet. It produces a full and generous heel cup that help cradle the heel and when posted into the proper position can greatly improve a skier's ability to edge and transmit power through the boot.


The Process

First, the technician places the clients feet into a neutral position and makes sure that the client is seated, back straight and that the knee is aligned properly. A medical grade thermo plastic blank that has a siliconized EVA top sheet (this facilitates moisture management and also makes entry into boots easier) is heated and becomes highly pliable.

This blank is then placed into the casting chamber and the foot placed back onto the top and returned into neutral. The client will then sit in this position for approximately five minutes to allow the blank to cool. Once cooled the technician can then glue posting materials to the base and complete the fabrication process by grinding the footbed to fit properly inside the boot.

The Postings

There are several ways of posting Instaprint footbeds, these are shown below:

Featured Athlete - Eddie Pepperell

Eddie Pepperell from Oxfordshire in England, looks set to have an exciting future ahead of him following an excellent career to date as an amateur. The 20 year old, who turned professional in May, represented his country on numerous occasions and has a number of amateur titles to his name.

At the age of just 12, Eddie was already making a name for himself within English golf, winning the English U12 Championships (Wee Wonders). Two years later he won the U15 Faldo Series – a title he would successfully defend the following year in 2006. In that same year, Eddie became an England Team squad member for the Boys Home Internationals and made his full England debut in the 2008 Home Internationals at Muirfield. He has represented England Boys a number of times including three successive selections for the European Boys team from 2007-2009. 

In 2009 Eddie finished runner-up to fellow England Squad member Tom Lewis in the British Boys Championship at Royal St. Georges and gained another England cap in the international match versus Spain at La Reserva. Eddie came to national prominence when he won the Reid Trophy back in 2005 and he has also had runner-up finishes in the McGregor and McEvoy Trophies (U16 and U18 National Championships respectively). In May 2010 he enjoyed his biggest victory to date in winning the Welsh Open Amateur Championship and capped a superb year with his selection for the Eisenhower Trophy. Eddie has since started 2011 in superb style, winning the Portuguese Amateur Championship by one shot.

"Since turning professional I've been trying to learn each week, my results haven't quite been what i would've hoped and have left me frustrated at times, but i am working harder than ever before and have confidence in myself to get the results i want in coming weeks and months. My best result came last week where i finished tied 4th on the Alps tour, this has given me confidence to push on and compete in future events."

Eddie and Instaprint

Footwear in Golf in my opinion is critical, it is an area which can increase performance and therefore becomes something i would refer to as a 'critical non essential'. In the golf swing i am looking to maximise my power whilst maintaining good balance and stability, the Instaprint insoles i wear have certainly helped me achieve this. My results of late have improved and the main reason behind this is due to the fact i've hit more greens in regulation during a round of golf. Obviously there are many factors which have contributed to this, but i honestly believe changing my insoles has made an impact. I've noticed the difference more evidently when playing in the wind and whilst playing off uneven lies. I will continue to wear Instaprint insoles and know, that when i tee it up, my footwear is as good, and probably better, than every other player in the field. 

Eddie Pepperell - Professional Golfer