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Boot Modifications

Do you already own a pair of ski boots? Are you having problems with them? We are more than happy to assess the boots and advise you on the options available. Below is a list of services that we can offer:

  • Shell Stretches – Pushing or punching the boot's shell to give more space
  • Shell Grinding – Can be used to give more space in specific parts of the shell
  • Liner Mods – Cutting or re-stitching liners to remove hot-spots (points of pressure)
  • Volume Reductions – This can include heel adjustments and padding over the top of the foot to stop over-buckling.
  • Replacement Liners – Over time boot liners can pack out (materials compress) and you end up buckling the boot tighter to overcome this, sometimes the easiest and best option is to replace/upgrade the liners.
  • Upper Cuff Alignment – Do you get pressure around the top of your boot, then adjusting the upper cuff may well help.
  • Boot Refurbishment – Every so often accidents happen whether you kick a ski lift gate and break a buckle or blow a rivet. We can replace/repair these, subject to the parts being available