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Outdoor Traders offer a truly first class ski boot fitting service. JHeseltine

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If you own your own ski boots, skis or a snowboard then proper care and servicing can make all the difference to performance and safety. At Outdoor Traders we can offer a complete service for your ski equipment. Whether you need a replacement boot buckles, remounted bindings or repairs to your skis from all the rail rides you've been taking then Outdoor Traders can help.

Please find below an overview of the services we offer and their prices. Please be aware that some of these prices are an indication of the cost and are assessed on a case by case basis, especially with ski/snowboard servicing.

Ski Repairs

Every now and then you trash your skis; someone skis over them, you spend too long on the rails or you just like going skiing on Brighton beach. We can repair the following:

  • Base Gouges: Included in full service, involves filling small holes in the base with P-Tex or performing base welds on larger gouges. Cost will depend on the level of work.
  • Top Sheet Repairs: This involves fill holes made in the top material of the ski. We can't make your ski look quite like it did when new but we can protect the core of the ski from damp and more damage
  • Edge Repairs: If you hit a large rock or landed badly on a rail then we can repair the dent you have probably put on the edge of your ski. We cut the edge material around the problem out and weld a new edge in its place then grind the edges to bring them in line.